HomeSurvey Reports

A concise standard format designed by the ISVA as an economy service, intended to indicate where defects exist and suggest where further investigation is required prior to purchase. Similar to the RICS Home Buyer Level 2 report but in a much clearer and more detailed format.

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Building Survey Reports

Fully detailed report on the construction and condition of the visible parts of the property. Diagnosing defects , suggesting remedies and a discussion of future maintenance and improvements. In accordance with RICS Level 3 Home Survey Standard (1st Edition) November 2019.

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Who are we?

Hepburn & Associates are specialist independent residential Chartered Building Surveyors with over 40 years experience in this area. We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We are also Fellow members of the Independent Valuers and Surveyors Association (ISVA).

Are you are looking to buy a property in this area? In the present market conditions it is even more important to get good professional advice prior to purchase. Our fees are very competitive, our service is personal to you and we are not linked with any mortgage lender, estate agent or bank, therefore we will always put your interests first.

Most properties have hidden problems which may cost you financially at a time when money is tight. Hepburn & Associates can help you:

  • Our fees are competitive, particularly compared to your lenders own surveyors, as we are a small practice and do not have high overheads.
  • We are not VAT registered. We therefore pass on these savings to the client.
  • We often find that the cost of the survey report is more than offset by a reduction in the purchase price of the property following are findings.


Call us to discuss your requirements and obtain a fee quotation

Please contact us on 01622 833308 or by email hepburnsurveyors@gmail.com in confidence to discuss any concerns regarding your prospective property purchase and the right level of survey report to provide you with a full picture of its true condition.

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