HomeSurvey Report

The ISVA HomeSurvey Report is a standard format designed by the Independent Surveyors & Valuers Association as an economy service. These reports are in accordance with the requirements of the RICS Home Survey Standard Level 2.

These reports are intended to indicate where defects exist and suggest where further investigation is required, prior to deciding whether to proceed with the purchase.


Building Survey

A full Building Survey (formally called a Structural Survey) is suitable for all residential properties. These reports are in accordance with the requirements of the RICS Home Survey Standard Level 3. It goes beyond the limitations of the HomeSurvey report by providing a full picture of the construction and repair condition of the visible parts of the property. It diagnoses defects, suggests remedies and also comments on future maintenance requirements.


Other Services we provide

  • Specific Defects Reports
  • Pre-Auction Investment Property reports
  • Insurance Reinstatement Appraisals and Valuations
  • Structural Defect Inspections and Monitoring
  • Maintenance Advice and schedule
  • Snagging Lists of new properties

Why use Hepburn & Associates?

Most properties can have hidden problems which could cost you financially at a time when money is tight. Hepburn & Associates can help you avoid these costly problems:

  • Our fees are always competitive, particularly compared to your lenders own surveyors, as we are a small independent practice and do not have high overheads.
  • We are not VAT registered and we pass on these savings to the client.
  • We often find that the cost of the report is more than covered by a reduction in the purchase price.
  • Our advice is individually tailored to your requirements. We are always available to discuss your concerns.
  • A verbal report on any significant matters is provided on the same day as the inspection.
  • We are always happy to meet you at the property to discuss our findings which you will find is not available by corporate surveyors.


Further Advice

We are always more than happy to discuss which type of survey is right for you and your particular property. Our quotations are provided free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation on the numbers below or by email.

Office: 01622 833308 or Mobile: 07515 512964

Email: hepburnsurveyors@gmail.com

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